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Vanita Dahia
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 11 reviews
 by Beverley Mountford
Vanita Dahia

My name is Beverley, I am in my mid 70's. 3 years ago I was finally diagnosed with Inclusion Body Myositis and Hashimotos. I became quite depressed with these diagnosis through the fear of the unknown.
At this time I was quite ill. I was introduced to Vanita Dahia through my GP who practices Western and Alternative Medicine. He recommended various testing through Nutripath and Vanita with the hope of shining a light on what was going on in my body. This connection with Vanita, was the beginning of my very good health. I enjoy today.
From that connection, Vanita has become my go to person through phone consultations and emails. where she explained what my body was lacking and what I needed to do and take to rectify whatever the problem was.
Through her recommendations I now have more energy, sleep much better, improved memory and improvement of depression and generally feel very positive for the future.
I am under research at WA Murdock University where I have 6 monthly Consultations. After each visit I feel heartened with my good health report and progress from my first Murdock Consult. I contribute this to the very good advice I receive from Vanita which is helping my body help itself. Thank you Vanita. I must add with Vanita's help one can help themselves.

 by Usha
Alchemy of Amino Acids

The journey of your alchemy of amino acids is challenging phase and a life long one. Whenever I have a medical issue, my trust lies in this fine lady, a specialist of determined and diligent work. Her work is easy to understand and apply. I am so proud of you, your commitment to serve, your willingness to learn and your achievements. Good fortunes and continue trusting yourself.

 by Shahzad Khan
Vanita an outstanding speaker

When I heard your first ever presentation on Anti Aging seminar in Dubai, the entire audience was spell bound by your lecture which was applauded with honors. The flair and grace with simple language and your in depth mastery on your subject had great impact with the large distinguished crowd who had later rushed towards the stage to greet you and I was one of them to witness and also recorded by the media. Vanita is a brand in her own right. You will go further to great heights , mark my words.

 by JF

I think you are quite an amazing and lovely person, Vanita! You are very good at what you do, you have developed many skills stemming from wisdom and knowledge, you have an ability to be efficient, and your communications are delivered with warmth!

Marvellous. Well done!

Thank you JF for your lovely review and all the best in the future! Vanita Dahia 🙂

 by Jenay F

I am a patient of Vanita's at Empowered Health. I think you are quite an amazing and lovely person, Vanita! You are very good at what you do, you have developed many skills stemming from wisdom and knowledge, you have an ability to be efficient, and your communications are delivered with warmth!

Thank you Jenay for your lovely feedback. Vanita Dahia 🙂

 by Cindy B
Webinar on Amino Acids in Mental health

I wanted to thank you on the amazing good talk you gave on hormones today! I enjoyed it thoroughly as I’m currently going through that pre-menopausal stage and being a Naturopathic Medicine student - you made those text books come alive, and I feel hopeful in getting myself back to an optimal functioning level.

Thank you for your feedback Cindy. Good to educate on practical clinical skills especially as a blossoming new naturopath.

 by Anita F
Webinar on Amino Acids in mental Health

Firstly thank you for such an amazing consultant. You have a great way of walking through a clear process and I love your scientific and natural heath approach.

Thank you Anita for your feedback. Tune in soon for a masterclass on Compounding Amino Acids in clinical practice.

 by CP
OptimalRx Functional Testing for Mental Health Part 2

Just wanted to let you know I listened to your seminar with Optimal Rx last night and it was amazing.

Thank you for your feedback CP, so glad to hear that you found it beneficial and I look forward to consulting with you soon. Vanita Dahia 🙂

 by ATMS health practitioner Delegate
Health practitioner webinar response

Thanks Vanita, that was wonderful, you have a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate you sharing it with me 🙂

Thank you for joining the webinar on Assessment options in Hormone Dysregulation. Vanita Dahia 🙂

 by Julie C
Health Practitioner Feedback

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help. You truly are a wealth of knowledge and I don't know who else to turn to when I have complex cases. Especially the ones who have performed neurotransmitter testing and need a compound formula to treat their ailments. Your qualifications and training are exactly what's needed.

Each and every time I speak to you, I learn something new. Even when I think the test results are straight forward, you work your magic and find so much more detail in the findings.

I just wanted to send this through to praise your knowledge and let you know that I appreciate all your help".

Julie, thank you for your feedback and for asking such interesting questions on functional pathology. Vanita Dahia 🙂

 by Talia
Insomnia Help

Before I saw Vanita at Empowered Health, I was extremely tired but wasn't able to sleep well as I was waking up during the night. I felt stressed, anxious & tired all the time which was making me feel depressed.
After a couple of months of being on the program Vanita prescribed, I began sleeping through the night, had more energy, felt calm & could concentrate again. Vanita is extremely thorough, knowledgeable & cares about people.
I have seen numerous healthcare practitioners previously but have only achieved results with Vanita at Empowered Health due to her extensive & unique background. The amino acid therapy program worked wonders for me & am extremely grateful for the help as I can now keep up with my 2 yr old & life in general.

So glad that you have your sleep, life and energy back to normal and the custom tailored amino acid formula did the trick!! Vanita Dahia 🙂