Advanced Alchemy of the Mind Masterclass

Advanced Alchemy of the Mind Masterclass

Advanced Alchemy of the Mind Masterclass is ideal for the established health care practitioner who is keen to delve deeply into the integrative and functional medicine approach to mental health.

Module 1 The Happy and Sad Brain Chemicals
Module 2 The Other Brain….Your Gut
Module 3 The Good Mood from Food Brain

The Well Oiled Brain

Module 4 The Wired and Tired Brain….Stressed out
Module 5 The Sexy Brain…..You and your hormones
Module 6 The Toxic Brain
Module 7 The Copper Head Brain
Module 8 How Genes and Methylation affect your Brain
Module 9 The Addictive Brain
Module 10 The Functional Pathology approach to Testing
Module 11 How to work with your patients – Mentoring consultations
Module 12 Integrative medicine and the business model

Each module will have many lessons with modules offering practical and clinical step-by-step know-how to enable you as a practitioner to treat your patient efficiently and effectively.

Bonus offerings

• ‘Alchemy of the Mind’ by Vanita Dahia e-book
• ‘Alchemy of the Mind’ by Vanita Dahia paperback book
• A free saliva stress test Complementary functional pathology testing
• A 30 minute phone or Skype consultation with one of our experts to ascertain the right test for you and interpretation of your saliva stress test
• A 30 minute phone or Skype consultation with one of our experts to help troubleshoot your case studies. Additional supportive practitioner mentoring services are available to exclusive members.
• Diet sheets
• Natural treatment guidelines with dosage and treatment protocols
• Checklists and questionnaires
• References and studies
• Resources
• Pranayama breathing techniques video
• Meditation mindfulness techniques
• exclusive membership to a private advanced Alchemy of the Mind Masterclass Facebook group
You will have access to the learning modules for a whole year.
Each module will be presented in a webinar format (approximately 30-45 minutes each) which you will be able to replay as often as you’d like during the course of your Mastermind membership.
All resources, checklists and guides are downloadable and can be used in your clinical practice.

Your investment

Total value of modules are 800 and bonuses are 1,995, totalling 2,795

Enhance your professionalism, improve your income and diversify your skills base now with a special offer of $1995

We hold your hand through the process with additional practitioner mentoring services.


Is this course for you?

You may be a health practitioner who is interested in helping your clients and would like to up-skill yourself.

The Advanced course would be appropriate for you particularly as you will have access to understanding your chemistries individually.
You may be a healthcare practitioner who wants to embrace the functional and integrative medicine model within the clinical practice and don’t know where to start.

Don’t settle for academic material! You will implement the course material from the get go!


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