Good Mood Food

Good Mood Food

Why is this important?

Isn’t is quite a conundrum to work out which diet is best?

Periodically a new diet becomes fashionable.

Some diets may be best suited based on cultural history, health conditions, blood type or may a new fad.

You are what you eat” so diet is the seat of health an wellbeing.

Some diet plans, such as the MIND, GAPS, FODMAPs diet and the DASH diet, are meant to focus on certain areas of health — and weight loss may be a bonus. Others are created with weight loss or management of SIBO as a primary goal.

We are all unique individuals with our own genetics, different health and different lifestyles, which could determine what diet plan is best for us.

Many diet plans cut out entire food groups, which can create nutrient depletions as well as health problems.

Learning outcomes

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Are you a feaster, emotional eater or craver?
  • Shall we blame the genes?
  • Types of popular diets
  • Current concepts in 5:2, intermittent fasting, genotype diets
  • Good mood food – foods to boost neurotransmitters

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