Boost Immune Resilience during Infections

Boost Immune Resilience during Infections

immune Resilience during Infections

Why is this important?

The immune system does a remarkable job of defending your body against any invading pathogens or disease-causing micro-organisms. If you already have a disease that affects the immune system like an auto-immune disease or cancer, or are elderly and generally have poor health, you may be at a greater risk of infections. The immune system is a system, not an organ which requires balance and optimal nutrition.

Media has gone viral on viral infections!

This webinar will give you clinical and practical guidance in:

  • What you can do to boost your immune system
  • Decipher the value of specific vitamins and minerals for the immune system
  • Herbal medicines for viral infections
  • Role of the microbiota in infections


Video duration: 34:44