Why is this important?

Testing of methylation goes beyond MTHFR.

Learn about the methylation process, genetic testing for potential defects and clinical protocols for testing the methylation function and effective treatment options which include dietary changes and the proper supplementation.

This webinar will give you clinical and practical guidance in:

  • Science-based nutrient therapy system that can help people diagnosed with methylation defects
  • Unpacking specific markers in Functional pathology contained in blood, urine, or buccal swab revealing brain-changing nutrient imbalances in patients diagnosed with conditions associated with methylation
  • How to read, interpret and treat a m
    ethylation profile and genetic test
  • Nutrient therapies tailored to specific lab results and advances in the latest nutrient based targeted therapies.
  • Avenues of further investigation in methylation and how it can affect other organ systems


Learning Outcomes

Part 1 The Nuts and Bolts of Methylation

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why is methylation important?
  • methyl donars
  • homo-or heterozygous genes
  • advanced methylation genetics


Video duration: 28:56 minutes

Part 2 РPutting Methylation into Clinical Practice


  • Testing for methylation
  • Case study
  • Management of methylation


Video duration: 15:32 minutes


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