Why is this important?

Pyrroles are toxic substances to the brain which is determined in the urine and can lead to severe mental health disturbances.

Pyrroles is actually a hereditary condition. If your parent or siblings have a mental health condition, you are quite likely to suffer too. Fortunately, if identified early enough, the deleterious effects of elevated pyrroles, also known as kryptopyrrole, or mauve factor (the mauve pigment in the urine), Malvaria and HPL can be managed with specific nutrient modification.

What causes pyrolluria?

Pyrroles are chemical substances involved in the formation of the red pigment in our blood, Heme. Pyrroles tend to bind to Vit B6 and Zinc, thereby depleting these nutrients. A lack of Vit B6 and Zinc will allow for pyrroles to accumulate in the body.

Pyroluria is hereditary. If your parent is suffering from a mental illness, it is likely that you may be suffering too unless you correct the underlying cause.

Pyroluria is also associated with Histamine imbalance, a condition of high histamine known as histadelia, methylation blocks and elevated copper to zinc ratio.

Learning Outcomes

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is pyroluria
  • Symptoms of pylouria
  • Testing for pyrroles
  • Case study
  • Management of pyroluria


Video duration: 19:50minutes


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