Kidney Function Online Masterclass

Kidney Function Online Masterclass

Why is this important?

The major function of the kidneys is to remove waste products and excess fluid from the body. These waste products and excess fluid are removed through the urine. The production of urine involves highly complex steps of excretion and re-absorption.

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that act as your body’s waste filtration system. They filter blood at a rapid speed of 12 times per hour. Excess water and unwanted chemicals or waste in the blood are disposed of as urine.

More than 500 000 Australians will contact their doctor for kidney related conditions in one year. One in three Australian adults is at increased risk of developing chronic kidney disease, and one in ten has some sign of chronic kidney disease.

Approximately 3 in 10 women and 1 in 10 men will suffer bladder infections and 1 in 35 women and one in 10 men will have kidney stones.

Kidney conditions commonly need treatment include incontinence, kidney stones, kidney disease and urinary tract infections.

Lessons in Kidney Function Online Masterclass

This masterclass consists of the following lessons:

  • Urinalysis
  • GFR and Creatinine
  • Urea, BUN, Osmolality, Osmolarity and Protein in Kidney Function
  • Electrolytes and Proteins

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