Healthy Ageing with Ayurvedic Medicine

Healthy Ageing with Ayurvedic Medicine

Date: 21 August 2019

Topic: Healthy Ageing with Ayurvedic Medicine

Organisation: Nutra Ingredients 

Interviewer: Tingmin Koe

Session: 8pm

Venue: Online

Invitation from:  Tania Paccanaro

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Ayurvedic medicine is a 5000yr old traditional medicine which means the “science of life”. It is so named because it encompasses qualities and actions in diet and lifestyle that aim to enhance life.

In this interview, Vanita expresses the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine  and how it compares with the priciples of Integrative medicine.

One of the most important concepts in the Ayurvedic tradition is that which relates together the humours (dosha), body tissues (dhatu) and waste products (mala). The five great elements; earth, water, fire, air and space are converted by agni (digestive fire) into the three humours (doshas): vata (air & space), pitta (fire & water) and kapha (earth & water). When disease or metabolic imbalalnce exists, the doshas need to be balanced with diet, lifestyle and medicine.

Vanita Talks about the regulatory implications of Ayurvedic medicine within a western medical system.

She reveals the value and benefits of some profound Ayurvedic practices, spices and herbs that re now marketed extensively in the Integraive Medicine arena. Herbs that have tousands of years of history have been proven to be beneficial like:

  • Holy Basil, the “queen of herbs” for neuroptrotection
  • Tumeric for pain and inflammation
  • Ashwaghanda or Withania for stress and adrenal fatigue
  • Bitter Melon or Mormordica for diabetes