Hormones and Mood at Her Story Global Online Summit

Hormones and Mood at Her Story Global Online Summit

Date: 18 Dec 2020
Topic: Hormones and Mood
Organisation: Her Story Global Online Summit
Session: 8pm – 9pm
Venue: Online
Invitation from: Getrude Matshe-Kanicki
Sponsored by: Vanita Dahia ( Voluntary)
Registration: Her Story circle

Her Story Global Online Summit

Women are powerful beings. Women juggle many balls through their lives wearing different hats of a daughter, wife, mother, domestic householder, worker, executive, cook, cleaner, administrator, social organiser, entertainer, counsellor and maybe a grandmother.

What makes women tick?
The resilience of a woman is governed by her hormones.
Hormones enliven us. They give us vitality, energy, emotional balance our sexuality and our curves.
Our entire personality, energy and how we cope is hormonal. Hormones intrinsically involved in numerous biochemical and physiological processes throughout life.

A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink!

Vanita Details

  • Play between Serotonin and Estradiol
  • Play between Dopamine, Serotonin and Testosterone
  • Play between Cortisol and Progesterone
  • Play between Cortisol and DHEA