Practical Advancements of Functional Pathology in a Clinical Practice for NatPrac Events

Practical Advancements of Functional Pathology in a Clinical Practice for NatPrac Events

Date: 10 November 2018
Seminar Topic: The Many Moods of Menopause
Workshop Topic: Practical Advancements of Functional Pathology in a Clinical Practice
Organisation: NatPrac Events
Session: 11:00am – 12.00pm and 1.00pm – 3.00pm
Venue: Mercure Resort, Gold Coast
Invitation from: Carla Hanlon
Sponsored by: NatPrac Events
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Seminar: The Many Moods of Menopause

Neurotransmitters, Genetics and Mental Health Considerations in Clinical Practice

Discover your passion for patient care. Continue caring for your patients while learning the most current and relevant integrative approaches for the prevention and treatment of mental health.

Mental Health, neuro-chemistry and neuroplasticity have become burgeoning markets in an integrative practice today perhaps due to greater public awareness of mental health concerns or the innovative science behind neuro-transmission pathways, nutrient and genetic constructs. In the neurological system, hormones, adrenals, nutrients and genetics are synergistic with neurotransmitters – modulating their production, signalling and metabolism.

Because of this complex interplay, testing the clinical triggers and neurotransmitters together is the ideal way to generate a more precise assessment.

Functional assessments gives practitioners a more thorough evaluation of the systems that interact to govern key facets of mental health including mood, stress, anxiety, memory, and depression. The lab variants will offer a diagnostic edge allowing for zeroing on targeted therapies best suited for your patient.

In this seminar, you will get a broad overview of functional assessments in mental health and endocrine hormones with attention to key markers in interpretation and treatment strategies.

In this seminar, you will learn:
• The dynamic interplay between neurotransmitters and sex hormones
• Clinical and practical know-how in managing mental health during hormonal change
• Assessment tools in understanding the underlying metabolic blocks
• Interpreting labs and natural management of patient

Workshop: Practical advancements of functional pathology in a clinical practice

Student Education

The plethora of functional testing is a confusing conundrum in clinical practice.
• Why is testing recommended?
• Which test?
• Which sample?

Vanita will reveal the value of functional pathology testing in identifying the underlying cause of metabolic dysfunction.

Deciphering the labs can be daunting and confusing.

Vanita will illustrate practical clinically relevant strategies in three case studies to :
• Identify test selection based on patient presentation
• How to interpret results
• How to manage for optimal patient outcomes

This workshop is an interactive practical application of your Naturopathic knowledge with detailed assessment and treatment options.

Cases will incorporate metabolic dysregulations in:
1. adrenal, hormone, thyroid
2. gut, food allergy
3. mental health, methylation, nutrient function