Immune Tolerance and Resilience during Covid-19

Immune Tolerance and Resilience during Covid-19

Immune tolerance and Resilience during Covid-19Why is this important?

Your body fights infections in the body at all times. The immune system is the most sophiticated meachanism operating in the blood fighting against any invading foods, toxins or pathogens. We fight foerein bodies enering the body via a number of mechanisms.

Covid-19 or any pathogenic infection, be it a common cold or a pandemic can be fatal depending on your immune tolerance and resilience.

Learning Outcomes

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • what is immune tolerance and resilience
  • the adaptive and innate immune system
  • Interferon immune system
  • signs and symptoms of Covid-19
  • driver’s of infection
  • lab testing for Covid-19


Video duration: 22:22