GUT Pathology Masterclass at Nutrisearch

GUT Pathology Masterclass at Nutrisearch

Date: 13 October 2018
Topic: Gut Pathology Masterclass
Invitation from: Adam Ryan, Nutrisearch, New Zealand
Topic 1: 1.15pm-2.30pm Complete Microbiome Mapping (CMM)
Topic 2: 2.45pm-3.45pm Functional Diagnostics for the GUT


Complete Microbiome Mapping (CMM)

Intelligently designed for advanced assessment of the microbiome

The study of the microbiome has transformed of late from culture techniques to genome and PCR techniques. The Human Microbiome Project and research around the globe have characterized the GI microbiome. More than ever before, we are keenly aware of the health benefits and disease risks brought about by the microorganisms that inhabit the GI tract.

The microbes in the human body are collectively known as the human Microbiome or more aptly the “second genome”. Composed of more than a 100 trillion microorganisms, the human microbiome outnumber human eukaryotic cells by 100 plus fold.

This microbiome, as it’s called, can have so much influence on other parts of our body that it’s becoming recognised as an organ in its own right – and changes to its complex ecosystem are linked to an array of problems including inflammatory bowel disease, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, autism, depression and anxiety.

Significant advances have been made in understanding the composition and functional capabilities of the gut microbiota and its roles in SIBO, SIFO, leaky gut, food intolerances, IBS and IBD.
Genomic and PCR technology now has the capacity to view the microbiome to the species level using single plex technology, and functionality of the gut, digestion, inflammation and many more parameters.

The Gastrointestinal Microbial Assay Plus (GI-MAP) is the first and only stool test in the world to be running full quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) on multiple GI targets, including pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria, worms, yeasts, parasites, and comprehensive antibiotic resistant genes, alongside intestinal health, digestive, and immune markers.

Introducing GIMAP and all associated gastrointestinal functional pathology assessment options to once and for all, get the complete in-depth screen.

In this seminar, you will learn:
Gastrointestinal complete Microbial mapping technology
Detailed interpretation of lab results
Case study in a practically relevant clinical context
Management of the gut using CMM results

Functional Diagnostics for the GUT

Deciphering assessment options for the gut

Perhaps the most studied site for investigation of the gut of late is in its association with complex chronic inflammatory conditions, autoimmune disease and infectious control. Integrative health practitioners now have the tools to identify all components of gastro-intestinal function.

This session is aimed at introducing key functional pathology assessment options in optimising gut health.

In this seminar, you will learn:
Intestinal permeability
Immunoglobulin food allergy, intolerance & sensitivity
ALCAT allergy