Affiliations, Peer Associations and Contributors

Vanita has close relationships with her peers and colleagues.

She constantly consults with her esteemed peers to learn and teach particularyly in complex and chronic health conditions. No practitioner is an expert in all aspects of medicine. This is why we communicate with experts in their fields to assist patients and practitioners alike.

Patient Consultations

Patient get the benefit of collective expertise in one consultation as all the investigative research is done in the background. This is why you may need to be patient with me as I research, liaise with my peers to provide consultation services that digs deep into your health concerns. Patients Dr shop with much frustration especially with chronic inflammatory and infectious conditions.

Practitioner Consultations

Upskilling and keeping up to date with current research require me to consult with my peers and attend on-going research-based education. This allows me to deliver education in my learning centre that keeps you updated and clinically practical. Helping practitioners in their case studies can be sought through my mentoring services.

Affiliations and Referrals

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