Integrative Medicine blends science with nature. We use validated testing to find the root causes of your biochemical imbalance and evidence based natural treatments personolised for you.  I’m your catalyst for change! I will design an easy practical health plan custom tailored for you.

Consultations available for mental, hormonal, GUT health and chronic complex inflammatory conditions.

Consult with Vanita to achieve optimal health by:

  • Identifying underlying root causes for your ill-health
  • Finding the metabolic blocks in your biochemistry
  • Use natural medicine to set the body back to balance


Functional Pathology can be used to identify biochemical and metabolic blocks in physiology and development of health conditions.

Find out more on:

  • Lab Tests List
  • Lab Tests for Health Conditions
  • Interpretation of Test Results


Managing health conditions with natural and integrative medicine is a science and requires an expert eye to guide you to :

  • Examine the health condition
  • Find the drivers of the health condition
  • Find the missing pieces of the puzzle with the right assessment tools
  • Develop a strategic and effective natural treatment plan
  • Maintain the health momentun with professional guidance