speakingVanita Dahia has been a speaker, presenter and mentor at hundreds of industry events nationally and internationally. She has spoken and taught to thousands of delegates world-wide in English and in Japanese (with translators) with great reviews. With her years of expertise and knowledge she is regularly invited as a key note speaker, workshop coordinator and mentor.

Guest Speaker

Vanita is a regularly invited guest speaker as a key note speaker, workshop co-coordinator and mentor in:

  • Compounding Pharmacy
  • Functional Pathology
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Natural and Herbal Medicine
  • Health topics for health practitioners

Podcasts and Radio Interviews

Vanita is also a published author and co-author of several books, and has appeared in consumer magazines such as Australia Wellbeing, Conscious Living and the Art of Healing. Click here to view or purchase Vanita’s books.

Vanita is regularly invited to speak on podcasts and radio. Here you can listen to a variety of recordings with Vanita Dahia.

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Vanita Dahia has been a Speaker, Presenter and Mentor at

Peak health practitioner Education Bodies nationally and Internationally on a wide variety of health topics for integrative health practitioners with or at:

Nutripath Pathology Laboratory

Nutrisearch, New Zealand



A4M Thailand

A4M Dubai


Health First, Japan

Bioautism Australia

MTHFR Support



Optimal Rx

Eagle Professional Natural Medicine

Conquering Chronic Illness Support 

Empowered Health


Longevity Insight Dream Team

National Institute of Integrative Medicine (NIIM)

Vanita is a published author and co-author of several books, and has appeared in consumers’ magazines such as Australia Wellbeing, Conscious Living and the Art of Healing.

Upcoming Speaker Commitments

14/10/2020 LDL-Subfractions in Cholesterol Control

Keynote Speaker Repertoire


16/09/2020 Innovations in Integrative Pain Mangement

29/07/2020 Chronic Inflammatory Illnesses Assessment Options In Lyme, Mould, And Biotoxin Exposure

27/07/2020 Pain Pain Go Away

12/05/2020 Lets Talk Good Bugs with Michelle Jones

29/11/2019 Targeted Amino Acid Therapy in the Gut-Brain Axis

12/10/2019 Amino Acids – How they affect Chronic Illness

13/10/2018 GUT Pathology Masterclass at Nutrisearch

04/06/2018 Lyme disease, Mould and Mycotoxins at CMA

30/05/2018 On-line seminar Series- Functional Testing for Mental Health

10/05/2018 Amino Acids in Mental Health and Insomnia at CMA

29-30/04/2018 Neurotransmitters and Endocrine Function at Naturally Good Expo Sydney

26/02/2018 Treating Mental Health Naturally at Rotary Club of Canterbury

11/02/2018 Toxic Exposure in Chronic Complex Conditions at Chronic Illness Support Group

23/01/2018 Foundation Diagnostics Masterclass for Health Masters Live

26/11/2017 Gut-Brain Axis on The Gut Guru by Sarah Chopra on Apple iTunes Podcasts

25/11/2017 The National Institute Of Integrative Medicine NIIM 4th Annual Symposium The Gut-Brain Axis

14/11/2017 Assessment Options in Hormonal Dysregulation at Australian Traditional-Medicine Society Ltd

28/10/2017 – 29/10/2017  Health First, Tokyo, Japan

14/10/2017 Functional Assessments in Mental Health at Nutripath Perth Conference

09/10/2017 Alchemy of the Mind at the Rotary Club of Mont Albert and Surrey Hills (MASH)

09/10/2017 Insomnia and Sleep Disturbances with Gillian Blair on 3WAYFM

17/09/2017 Alchemy of the Mind at Raw Garden

07/09/2017 – 09/09/2017 A4M International Conference, Thailand

28/08/2017 One2One Clinic

23/08/2017 and 30/08/17 CMA – Complementary Medicines Australia Webinar

19/08/2017 ARCVic ArcVic – OCD and Anxiety Disorders Week Seminar

12/08/2017 MTHFR Support Australia, Methylation Summit 2017, Organophosphates and Hormone Disruptors

13/07/2017 How Does Alcohol Addiction Affect The Brain Podcast with Dr Sam Shay

15/06/2017-17/06/2017 PCCA Annual HRT Ignite Conference

06/11/2016 Caring for Mind, Body Spirit and Lifestyle Workshop

08/05/2017 Compounding Lab Integrative Mental Health for Health Practitioners

17/05/2017 Eltham Natural Healing Centre Alchemy of the Mind Workshop

05/11/2016 Nutrisearch, New Zealand, Functional Pathology Testing