Lab Tests

Functional Pathology Laboratory Tests can be used to identify biochemical chemistries and metabolic blocks in the body’s physiology.

What is the difference between Conventional and Functional Pathology?

Conventional Lab testing is used routinely to identify levels of hormones, lipids, iron, etc in a blood sample, most of which is coverd by the Medicare system. 

Conventional testing is considered the Gold Standard as it is recommended to identify essential blood parameters. There are however, some limitations as functional pathology introduces a new paradigm.

Functional pathology measures metabolic and biochemical blocks in physiology of the body, genetic variants, analytes not measured in conventional testing, metabolites of hormones and neurotransmitters. 

Learn more about the difference between Conventional and Functional Pathology.

Want to know more about your health condition?

Determine the appropriate lab testing that will identify the underlying causes of your condition or metabolic dysfunction.

Lab Tests are listed for health conditions. As the area of functional pathology is ever expanding, the test analytes will be updated periodically.

Tests for Health Conditions

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