Stockists of all Health Practitioner supplement brands


Brands stocked include:

  • Advanced probiotics
  • Bioclinic Naturals
  • Brauer
  • China Med
  • Bio-practica
  • Bioreasearch
  • Bioconcepts
  • Bioceuticals
  • Optimal Rx
  • Herbal Extract
  • BioMedica
  • Biome Probiotics
  • Designs for Health
  • Give Back Health
  • MedLab
  • Metagenics
  • Panaxea
  • Spectrumceuticals
  • and more

All Practitioner only supplements are available upon a prescription from a qualified health practitioner.

If you would like a supply of a specific practitioner only supplement, please get in touch or complete the form below.

Vanita will be in touch to assist you in accordance with her professional guidelines.

Custom compounded Nutritional supplementation including Amino Acids


Vanita’s expertise as a pioneer and owner of one of the first compounding pharmacies in Australia has placed her an an authority in custom compounding health solutions for you.

Nutritional medicine and Amino acids custom compounds tailored for you based on your lab results.

Compounded Herbal formulae


The science of Phytotherapy or herbal medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, we are fortunate to have access to Western, Chinese, Ayurvedic and Indigenous herbal tinctures and extracts approved by our governing authority, TGA to be custom compounded for you based on your health needs. Herbal mixtures are potent therapeutic agents which are available bio-available form and synergistically blended for you.

Alchemy of Health and Skin compounded medicine


The latest additions include:

  • Oral Swish Oil
  • Formula CNS
  • Formula Ventigo
  • Amino Acid Face Serum
  • Enrich Collagen Moisturiser
  • Stem Cell Cream
  • Native Botanical Hydration Cream

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