Personally provided by Vanita Dahia. Consult with Vanita to achieve optimal health with Integrative medicine. Integrative medicine is a blend of conventional allopathic medicine and evidence based natural medicine.

What will you get when you consult with Vanita?

You will get a personalised approach to your health with Vanita. You will get to know what is Integrative Medicine and how functional lab tests can identify the underlying causes of your health concerns.

You will get:

  • an in-depth overview of your medical history, family history, medication regime, allergies
  • your most relevant health concerns with finding the underlying drivers or causes
  • the missing pieces of the puzzle, be it, lab testing, diet or lifestyle advise
  • a tailored customized natural treatment program to assist you in healing the body holistically
  • all relevant resources, education and technical data to assist you in making informed health choices
  • on-going support in your education and health outcomes

Integrative and Naturopathic medicine combining the conventional with modern application of science based natural therapy.

I look forward to assisting you in your health journey

We will empower you to take the necessary steps, use a science based model of assessment and evidence based natural medicine treatment protocols designed for you.

Welcome to optimal health and vitality naturally. 

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