Introductory Alchemy of the Mind Masterclass

Introductory Alchemy of the Mind Masterclass

Introductory Alchemy of the Mind Masterclass is ideal for the:

  • patient who wants to know how to manage their mind and body naturally
  • Health care practitioner new to the integrative medicine approach

Introductory Alchemy of the Mind Masterclass Offerings

Module 1 The Happy and Sad Brain Chemicals
Module 2 The Other Brain….Your Gut
Module 3 The Good Mood from Food Brain
Module 4 The Wired and Tired Brain
Module 5 The Sexy Brain
Module 6 The Toxic Brain
Module 7 The Copper Head Brain
Module 8 How Genes and Methylation affect your Brain
Module 9 The Functional Pathology approach to Testing
Module 10 How to work with your Health Practitioner


Plus BONUS offerings (valued at $995)
• Alchemy of the Mind by Vanita Dahia e-book
• A free saliva stress test
• A 30 minute phone or Skype consultation with one of our experts to ascertain the right test for you and interpretation of your saliva stress test
• Diet sheets
• Natural treatment guidelines
• Checklists and questionnaires
• Resources
• Pranayama breathing techniques video
• Meditation mindfulness techniques
• exclusive membership to a private Facebook group – Introductory Alchemy of the Mind Masterclass
You will have access to the learning modules for a year from date of registration.
Each module will be presented in a webinar format (approximately 30-45 minutes each) which you will be able to replay as often as you’d like during the course of your Mastermind membership.
All resources, checklists, guides are downloadable and can be used by you or shared with your practitioner.

Your investment

Total value of modules are 400 and bonuses are over 500, totalling of almost $1000

Start now at a special offer of $497

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Is this course for you?

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