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Alchemy of the Mind offers an engaging and informative look into your thoughts, emotions, feelings and memory. Whether you suffer from stress, anxiety, depression or addictions, one pill may not be the solution. Change your brain with simple nutritional supplementation using self-help tools in this book.

Vanita reveals how to achieve happiness through balance of chemicals that connects the brain with the gut, stress, cravings, addictions, and libido. You biology is in your biochemistry. Testing of brain chemistry with functional pathology maps out a pathway to a targeted natural support for the nervous system.

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Alchemy of the Mind explains in detail how:

  • The play of brain chemistries in mood, stress, anxiety and depression.
  • How neurotransmitters, diet and nutrient depletions affect the gut, adrenal fatigue, thyroid and mental health.
  • The impact of toxic exposure, genetics and environmental pollutants on mood.
  • How to assess, interpret and manage neurotransmitters naturally with self-assessment questionnaires and functional pathology lab testing.

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This is your brain changer!

"Written in clear jargon-free language, this concise volume offers an excellent guide to scientifically based alternative or complimentary treatment of high prevalence common mental health illnesses, suitable for the lay person and the informed practitioner alike. It is written by a Compounding Pharmacist with an extensive track record in clinical practice, research, teaching and advocacy of alternative therapies in the mental health field"

Dr Kamal Sanghvi - Psychiatrist

This is your brain changer!

"To live a life in which we express our emotions in the most balanced and harmonious
of way, requires a sophisticated GPS system of the mind/body connection. Alchemy
of the Mind is such a comprehensive guide, easily and effortlessly directing us to live
not only an emotionally enriched life but a life that optimises our greatest intelligence.
Everyone would benefit from reading and learning from this wonderful book."

Dr Sherrill Sellman - N.D.

This is your brain changer!

"Alchemy of mind is a comprehensive master piece which cover complex area of
mind and related psychopathology in a easy read format along with practical strategies to intervene"

Dr Sanjeev Sharma - FRANZCP Consultant Psychiatrist

This is your brain changer!

"This is absolutely one of the best books on Brain Health that you can buy. I have read
a lot of material related to brain health, but here is the one book that sets everything out
as succinctly as possible in a comprehensive and easy to read manner. It is definitely
something I would give to everyone I care about. Incredibly informative book. If you
value your health, you have to read this book.

Strongly recommended!"

Mary Cavaggion - NutriPATH Director

Presentations and Associations

Vanita Dahia has presented at and is associated with

Complementary Medicines Australia CMA

About the author - Vanita Dahia

As a board-certified fellow in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, my mantra became ‘your biography is in your biology’. Integrative medicine is a science of blending conventional with complementary medicines using validated assessment tools and evidence-based targeted treatment approaches. It incorporates optimising diet, lifestyle and exercise interventions with a holistic approach. It aims to embrace physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being. She has more than 30 years expertise in compounding pharmacy, R&D in innovative formulary, herbal medicine and integrative medicine.

She incorporates her technical consultancy with pharmaceutical compounding knowledge together with herbalism, homoeopathy, Ayurveda medicine and energy medicine like pranayama & meditation to achieve the best health outcome.

Vanita received her training in anti-aging medicine through association and membership with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M and A5M) and Professional Compounding Centres of America and Australia (PCCA).

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Book: Alchemy of the Mind
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Thierry Bittau on Book: Alchemy of the Mind
Alchemy of the mind

A fantastic clinical reference and widely adaptable text. A great guide to understanding and treating frequently encountered mental health disorders in adults without the use of chronic medications.

Thierry, glad you enjoyed Alchemy of the Mind

by Dr Jon Shen on Book: Alchemy of the Mind
Vanita Dahia’s ‘Alchemy of the mind’

An easy to read informative text about how to manage the stresses commonly faced by many of us in today’s westernised society. It provides a refresher on the importance of learning to work with your body to achieve safe and sustainable results.

Dr Shen, Thank you for your insights

by Sue on Book: Alchemy of the Mind

A very useful resource for both practitioners and patients!