Drug Nutrient Depletion by Dr Lord and Dr Bralley

Drug Nutrient Depletion by Dr Lord and Dr Bralley


Are you taking Aspirin for your heart?

Are you on an Oral contraceptive Pill?

Are you on a PPI for indigestion?

You eat your broccoli and you’re always snacking on fruits and nuts. You feel you’re eating all the nutrients you need, but you still can’t work out why you’re always feeling tired and depleted?

The silent culprit could be your daily medication!

Prescription medicnes are essential to health, but they may deplete really essentail nutrients in the body.

For example, the use of your indigestion medicine like Esomeprazole or Pantaprazole, a proton pump inhibitor, or PPI as its commonly known, can deplete absorption of Vit B12 and Calcium. This then leads to fatigue, pernicious aneamia or bone density loss.

See drug nutrient depletion chart extracted from my gurus in Laboratory Evaluations for integrative and functional medicine textbook by Dr Ricahrd Lord and Dr Bralley.

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