How to treat Long Covid Fatigue

Alchemy of Health Webinar Series – How to treat Long Covid Fatigue


Nearly one in five who have had COVID-19 still have “Long COVID”

Why is it Important?

The health system is grappling at strategies to tackle the unprecedented health challenges facing the community with symptoms of Long COVID which will affect more than 500 000 Australians in coming months.

Symptoms of Long COVID are likened to ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’

Everyday people are suffering with specific and unexpected symptoms or presentations of Long COVID. While newer therapeutics and diminished viral virulence have helped stave off death, increasingly, health practitioners are seeing complex chronic health conditions developing in previously healthy patients or aggravation of chronic conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome.

Long COVID patients are experiencing continued fatigue, neurological, respiratory, gastro-intestinal and heart symptoms.

Integrated Strategies to Tackle Symptoms of Long-COVID will delve deeply into the longer-term impact of the current global viral load including the combined effects of Post-COVID-19 syndrome or Long COVID, and the potential resurgence of other viral infections in the community. I will discuss the science of nutritional medicine when integrated with immune support and natural anti-viral agents to support long-term symptom relief.

Learning outcomes

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • clinical presentations of Long COVID
  • integrated medicine approach to Long COVID care
  • how to reduce inflammation
  • support immunity and control of viral load
  • understand mitochondrial health integral to post-pandemic recovery

This offering provides CPD continuing professional development credits for CMA and ATMS

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Vanita Dahia
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