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Be happy, healthy, pain free, energetic, and vital
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Reach your personal health goals

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Simple Practical Natural Professional

I’m your catalyst for change! I will design an easy practical health plan personalised for you.

Managing chronic complex health challenges, infections, gut microbiome, food allergies, hormone, adrenal and thyroid imbalances and auto-immune diseases.

Feeling Stressed, Anxious or Depressed?

Hormones moaning? Gut in a knot? The gut microbiome, neurotransmitters, or hormones may be out of balance.

I employ a holistic health model of validated lab tests, evidence-based and custom tailored natural medicine to balance your body chemistries naturally.

When brain chemicals or neurotransmitters are in balance, we experience happiness and joy. One pill may not be the only solution if you suffer with stress, anxiety, depression or addictions.

Change your brain with targeted nutritional therapy and discover the brains interconnectedness with the gut, adrenals, toxins and libido.

  • How the body chemistries can go out of balance
  • How to identify drivers or causes of your health concerns
  • How to manage and alleviate the pain and suffering associated with your condition

I share my knowledge in the learning centre using pharmaceutical, natural, herbal, Ayurvedic and anti-ageing modalities to educate and empower you to seek the right advice, take the right steps and heal your body.

The learning centre is packed with webinars, resources, checklist, courses, masterclasses, videos and podcasts.

Keep up to date with the latest research and resources to learn about your body better.

Take charge of your own health with the right tools so that you can ask your health professional the right questions and get the right advice.

Specialised Integrative Medicine Services

Understanding your unique DNA and body chemistries gives you effective, scientific tools to create outstanding cellular health from the inside out


Natural health solutions for chronic and complex health challenges

Learning Centre

Clinically practical tips in webinars, courses, podcasts, presentations


Integrative medicine, functional pathology & compounding pharmacy

Lab Tests

Identify body chemistry and DNA map with functional pathology

Custom Compounds

Targeted natural health and skin care products compounded for you

Your unique DNA provides scientific tools for achieve outstanding health

I am an Integrative Medicine expert, Pharmacist, Naturopath, Ayurvedic Clinician, Clinical Nutritionist and Herbalist and I work with
Vanita Dahia Custom Compounds

Custom Compounds

I custom compound innovate personally made natural medicines and skin care based on my compounding pharmacy, clinical herbalism, ayurvedic and anti-ageing medicine training

Empowered Health

Empowered Health

I consult with clients on chronic complex health conditions for Empowered Health based in Blackburn, Melbourne, Australia and specialise in mental health, auto-immune disorders, hormonal and gut health



I provide clinical consultancy services, training and education to health practitioners worldwide for Nutripath pathology services, a leading pathology services company in Australia, Asia and New Zealand

Vanita Dahia Books

Vanita Dahia Books

Access your copy as a book, ebook or audio book of
Alchemy of the Mind – to manage your mind naturally
Alchemy of Amino Acids – understand the power of amino acids in mood and health

Alternatively, take a deep dive into the online
Alchemy of the Mind Masterclass or the Alchemy of Amino Acids Masterclasses

Presentations and Associations

Vanita Dahia has presented at and is associated with

Healthy Solutions for Sleepless Nights

Healthy Solutions for Sleepless Nights

Restore sound sleep with green space, circadian hormone and neurotransmitter rhythms and targeted phytotherapy Tired of lying there restless or counting sheep? Can’t get off to sleep? Having trouble staying asleep? A third of your life is spent sleeping. Good quality sleep is essential to survival, as important as food and water. The dreaded sleep

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Boosting BDNF in Alzheimer’s Disease

Boosting BDNF in Alzheimer’s Disease

Brain derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) is naturally produced by brain cells to regulate normal brain and plasticity. Boosting BDNF in the brain can also delay the cognition degradation that occurs in Alzheimer’s Disease and Senile Dementia. It is estimated that in 2020 there are between 400,000 and 459,000 Australians with dementia, with Alzheimer’s disease (AD)

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Vaginal Infections

How Healthy is your Vagina?

The health of your vagina affects much more than your sex life. Vaginal health is an important part of a woman’s overall health as it can affect your fertility, desire for sex and ability to reach orgasm. Ongoing vaginal health issues can affect your confidence and cause stress in a relationship. We know about the

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Unlock your DNA to Personalise your Diet

Unlock your DNA to Personalise your Diet

What you eat will not change the sequence of your DNA, but your diet has a profound effect on how you “express” the possibilities encoded in your DNA. The foods you consume can turn on or off certain genetic markers which play a major role in your health outcomes. Your DNA contains information that determines

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