Practitioner Learning Centre

Practitioner Learning Centre

The Practitioner Learning Centre is aimed to provide clinical and practical tools using validated functional pathology testing and evidence based natural and pharmaceutical treatment approaches. I would love to know your needs  in your clinical practice and open to suggestions and topics you may be interested in if it not already covered in our webinars and on-line master classes.

Opportunities available to up-skill in Integrative medicine can take many forms. Custom tailored education programs are available for those health practitioner who are serious to:

  • Enhance health professional expertise
  • Heal patients
  • Work with other health practitioners to optimal health outcomes
  • Improve your income
  • Clinical and professional satisfaction

In a nutshell, we offer:

  • Education in integrative medicine, functional pathology and nutritional medicine
  • Mentor programs to guide you to professional excellence
  • Functional Pathology, lab tests, interpretation
  • Clinical application
  • Treatments – Conventional and natural medicine
  • Compounding pharmacy
  • Nutraceutical interventions
  • Ongoing clinical and mentor support
  • In many formats – audio, video, webinar, seminar, conferences, chat rooms, one-on-one


All relevant and supporting resources will be provided in:

  • supporting guides
  • checklists, quizzes
  • research papers
  • diet sheets
  • interpretation guides

Format of Education

  • webinars
  • courses
  • masterclasses
  • videos
  • podcasts
  • resources
  • radio interviews

Mentor services to Health Practitioners

Mentoring provides an integrative health practitioner a “hand-holding” experience though individual or group mentoring programs.

Group mentoring sessions are aimed at interactive communication with like minded and enthusiastic health practitioners discussing new theories, research, case studies or trouble shooting lab reports.

Vanita will take you through real clinical cases to sharpen your skillset and in a relaxed, friendly and collegiate setting.

I hold your hand as a health practitioner to assist you in working up a find tuned diagnostic assessment regime, treating your patients with an integrative approach employing scientifically validated functional pathology testing and evidence-based natural therapy treatments.

Over the years, feedback from my mentees and delegates has encouraged me to offer individual or group mentor sessions. Health practitioners are seeking to collaborate with other like-minded practitioners, share ideas, troubleshoot the cases, and up skill themselves in a practical clinical setting.

The aim of mentoring is to unravel a complex case, prioritize assessment and diagnostic options, delve into understanding the chemistries based on lab results, and develop a tailored evidence-based natural treatment plan.

Integrative Approach

As health practitioners, we are obliged to maintain continuing education and are often bombarded with theory rich academic transcripts from our esteemed specialist peers. The problem lies in utilising up-to-date research in your clinical practice.
We aim to provide simple, step-by-step practical clinical guidance to transition your patient with the whole health approach to optimal health.

What will you get?

  • Structured follow up on client case presentations – get an understanding of your patients case by identifying underlying causes, what has worked, what should be considered
  • Know when to refer to other health professionals – your health services may need to be complemented by services of other health professionals whether it be physical therapies, specialists, all non-conventional therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • learn how to use your compounding pharmacist – how to tailor a unique formulation for your patient to optimize dosage and reduce intake of numerous supplements
  • keep updated with current pharmaceutical interventions – some pharmaceuticals used unconventionally for therapeutic benefit have been shown to be beneficial for adjudicative therapy where conventional pharmaceuticals have either not worked or presenting as many side-effects e.g. low-dose naltrexone
  • up skill on”out-of-the-box”therapies – practitioners will be made aware of therapies that are not considered conventional and have been shown to be beneficial e.g. electrical stimulation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, hyperthermia, peptide therapy, IV nutrient therap

I will constantly fine tune mentor services to suit the needs of the health practitioner.

Complex Case Studies

See how Vanita discusses complex case studies with her peers.

You will get the benefit of Vanita’s knowledge in compounding pharmacy, naturopathy and integrative medicine, easy to implement approach to problem-solving in the context of real clinical cases.

Show me how I can upskill in my Clinical Practice