Complex Case Studies

Complex Case Studies

Compelling discussions with Peers
Exceptional Biochemical insights

Case StudiesIntegrative medicine delves deep into underlying causes of ill-health. We navigate around complex and chronic cases, complications, multi-faceted presentations in unchartered territory.

Here’s how you can tap into Professional Insights!

Complex case studies help bridge the proverbial gap between theory and practice, giving you a more precise insight into the body’s chemistries and guide you to sound evidence based natural medicine treatment options.

We invite you to engage in thought-provoking discussions when exploring relevant detailed cases allowing for discussions on:

  • Assessing the right labs to discover imbalances
  • Understanding lab results
  • Correlate biochemistry with other organ systems and symptoms
  • Pharmaceutical and natural management options

Learning Outcomes

Discover how to handle a difficult and complex case or see how we can assist the patient.

The mechanisms manifesting unexposed issues, be it anxiety or pain. Mould exposure, for example, may manifest as chronic fatigue syndrome or mast cell activation syndrome.

What does it mean to have a low of high level in the lab results?

Levels of hormones or neurotransmitters may progress healing or promote serious health conditions.

Learn about several complex cases through practical video discussions with drug therapy.

What can be done to enhance drug induced nutrient depletion.

Grow your understanding of how nutritional supplements or compounded medicines can influence and alleviate symptoms.

Herbs, minerals, amino acids and nutrients influence every biochemical pathway in the body.

Broaden your perspective on how to treat, detect and predict early onset of disease.

Are you at risk if Alzheimer’s’ disease? APOE4 gene alleles will reveal your risk for this debilitating disease.

Go deep with learning and treating strategies, gain confidence in managing complicated cases.

Learn how to navigate on patient presentation and prioritise organ systems that need attention.

Skin conditions are best treated from the inside out as skin is the largest elimination channel. Managing the gut microbiome will regulate skin dynamics and metabolism.

Learn how to identify the differences and similarities between common endocrine markers and well-known methylation pathways.

Complex Case studies

14/02/2020 Case Study of CFS and Chronic Inflammation with Vanita Dahia and Dr Kathleen Schubert

11/05/2020 Case Study – Manage the Mind Naturally – Neurotransmitters and Related Lab Tests with psycho-Nutritional Therapy by Vanita Dahia and Dr Edward Chan