Can Trees Improve Sleep? How to Support Recovery and Wellness in ‘Urban Sprawl’ Sleep Disorders at ACNEM

Can Trees Improve Sleep? How to Support Recovery and Wellness in ‘Urban Sprawl’ Sleep Disorders at

Date: 28 July 2021
Topic: Can Trees Improve Sleep? How to Support Recovery and Wellness in ‘Urban Sprawl’ Sleep Disorders
Organisation: Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (ACNEM)
Session: 7:00pm – 8.30pm
Venue: Online
Invitation from: Narelle Stegehuis
Sponsored by: Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (ACNEM)
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Why is it Important?

According to the 2018 Sleep Health Foundation Annual Report an estimated four out of 10 Australian adults experience some form of inadequate sleep. This affects Australians of all ages, with inadequate sleep affecting learning and decision-making as well as increasing the risk of mental and physical illness. Chronic inadequate sleep can cause heart disease, obesity, depression and a range of other serious health conditions.1

Recent research identifies environmental changes to the urban landscape can influence sleep quality. 2,3

Join Vanita Dahia in this exciting webinar on how to improve sleep in an urban environment. Vinita provides an overview of the importance of green scape in improving neurotransmitter function to improve sleep conditions.

This webinar is aimed to support doctors, nurses and allied healthcare practitioners in understanding the impact of sleep and the scientific evidence base of some of the diet, lifestyle and nutritional interventions that may be able to assist healthy sleep in urban environments.

Vanita Dahia an integrative medicine practitioner, expert wellness researcher on mental health and author of the Alchemy of Amino Acids will explore the following:

  • An overview of green scape changes and the impact on healthy sleep
  • How to recognise the predictive markers to make a clinical assessment of sleep disorders
  • How nutrition, physical activity and environmental factors play a role in restoring the neurotransmitters needed for healthy sleep.
  • Nutritional and phytotherapeutic strategies to recover and restore healthy sleep in changing urban environments.

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