Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapies, Immunotherapy and Drug Delivery World Congress, October 2017, Melbourne, Australia.

Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapies, Immunotherapy and Drug Delivery World Congress, October 2017, Melbourne, Australia.


Date: 6th- 7th October 2017
Topic: Endocrine Disruptors and Environmental Toxicants in Cancer
Organisation: Clariden Global -Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapies, Immunotherapy and Drug Delivery World Congress
Session: Saturday 7th October  2017 TBC
Venue: City Convention Centre Melbourne, 300 Flinders Street Melbourne
Invitation from: Shermaine Ong- Clariden Global
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 Endocrine Disruptors and Environmental Toxicants in Cancer

The association between immunity, inflammation, mental health, hormonal balance, the gut microbiome in a cancer patient is unequivocal.

This presentation provides information on assessment of standard risk factors in conjunction with “cutting edge” toxicant testing, estrogen metabolism evaluation, and identification of interventions based upon the principals of Nutrigenomics.

Key Learning Objectives

The role of estrogens and toxicants in cancer proliferation
Unpacking specific markers in Functional pathology and genetics revealing the impact of toxicants, endocrine disruptors and hormone metabolism in patients diagnosed with cancer
How to read, interpret and treat a patient
Nutrient therapies tailored to specific lab results and advances in the latest nutrient based targeted therapies.
Avenues of further investigation in cancer and how it can affect other organ systems


Toxicants: The environment that we live in today is the most toxic in history. Exposure to environmental toxicants is now recognized to be a significant factor in the development of complex, chronic disease. Toxicants like polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), organophosphates, chlorinated pesticides, and volatile solvents have been linked to chronic complex health conditions such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, cancer, autism, Parkinson disease, and heart disease. Epidemiologic data suggest that environmental toxicants impact the foetus and general public at large. Toxicant exposure is no longer confined to work related exposure as it is present in the air, food and water. The reduction in disease incidence and in the overall associated health burden may be achieved with effective assessments and treatment strategies.

Endocrine Disruptors: There is a growing body of evidence showing that exposure to toxicants may adversely impact health through altered endocrine function.

An appreciation of the maturational changes that occur in the hormonal flux of a woman or man together with hormone receptor positive cancers can be used to modify key contributing factors for improved patient outcomes. By definition, excess estrogen implies a progesterone deficiency or estrogen dominance. Vanita will address the concept of Estrogen Dominance, the effect of endocrine disruptors on hormonal metabolism, and appropriate treatment options.

The continuing controversy over the definition of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), understanding how best to incorporate predictive testing, the interpretation of adverse effects makes the challenge of designing regulatory goals extremely complex.

In this presentation, Vanita will use functional pathology to evaluate the impact of both environmental toxins and endocrine disruptors with the effects of targeted treatment strategies and discuss how these strategies can support personalised patient care in the context of cancer management.


Vanita Dahia

B Pharm ABAARM, Adv Dip Naturopathy, Adv Dip Nutrition, Adv Dip Western Herbal Medicine, Dip Ayurveda

Vanita Dahia is an integrative medicine clinical consultant pharmacist, naturopath and clinical nutritionist.

Functional pathology clinical consultant and Health Services manager providing in-depth technical and clinical consultancy and expert technical training incorporating assessment, interpretation and prescriptive guidelines to doctors and allied health practitioners internationally.

Vanita is a medical authority and extraordinary mentor to her peers and patients alike. As a presenter to her peers and community at large, she is engaging, articulate, humorous, and insightful, making learning a dynamic experience for professional and personal growth.

Board certified fellow in Anti-ageing and regenerative medicine providing clinical training programs and educational initiatives to Dr’s and allied health practitioners.

She has more than 30 years expertise in compounding pharmacy, functional Pathology, herbal, Ayurveda and integrative medicine.

Vanita received her training in anti-aging medicine through association and membership with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M and A5M) and Professional compounding Centres of America and Australia (PCCA).

Vanita is an international speaker and a published author of Alchemy of the Mind, co-author of The Book of Inspiration for Women by Women and Healthy Body.