Alchemy of Health Webinar on the topic of “How Amino Acids help Anxiety and Depression”

Thank you for your patience since my last Webinar in December 2022 whilst I was busy with my daughter’s wedding. All went really well and I’m back on board ready to share lots more health information with you.

My invitation to you for the 22nd Alchemy of Health Webinar on the topic of How Amino Acids help Anxiety and Depression” will be on Monday 6 March 2023 at 7:00pm.

I encourage you to register on Eventbrite at or on LinkedIn.

It is great if you can attend live, but if life gets in the way and you have registered to attend, I will send you a link to the recording that you can access with my compliments, for 48 hours after the live event or $9.95 at any time in the future with all of the other Alchemy of Health webinars at acids are the starting point in production of happy and sad brain chemicals like Serotonin, Dopamine and GABA.
Read about the value of amino acids in Managing Anxiety and Depression with Amino Acids“Topic: How Amino Acids help Anxiety and Depression

Amino acids are primary curators of mediation between management of anxiety and depression and neurotransmission in the brain. After all, amino acids are the starting point in production of happy and sad brain chemicals like serotonin, Dopamine and GABA.

The burgeoning interest in neuro-chemistry and neuroplasticity cannot ignore the vital role of amino acids as a foundational substrate in synthesis, cross-talk and synergism between microbial ecology, genetics, enzymatic function, and the balance of excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters.

Understanding of the complex interplay between amino acids in mental health and the gut-brain axis, assessment and modulation of amino acid production will be elucidated.

Functional assessments of amino acids and neurotransmitters reveal a thorough evaluation of the systems that interact to govern key facets of stress, anxiety and depression in mental health offering a therapeutic edge allowing for zeroing on targeted amino acid therapy.

Learning Outcomes
In this webinar, you will learn:
✅ Which amino acids are needed for neurotransmitter production?
✅ How do amino acids work in other organ systems which impact mood?
✅ How do they work with prescription medication?
✅ The dynamic orchestration of amino acids in neurotransmitter balance
✅ Role of amino acids in synthesis of neurotransmitters
✅ Interpreting labs and targeted personalized amino acid therapy Book “How Amino Acids help Anxiety and Depression” Now

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