Integrative health solutions, training, education and mentoring for health practitioners and all concerned with their health.
There are many education bodies who offer continuing education in specific aspects of Integrative medicine to the qualified health practitioners to further advance and complement their expertise. A continuum of services and mentoring of clinical practices is essential for the effectiveness of advancements in this concept.

Much of the education can be theory rich and may lack practical know how. We offer a step by step guide to understanding the basics of organ systems in respect of:

  • Which test is ideal and gives the best “bang for your buck”
  • How to prioritise testing as we know that an imbalance in one organ system can lead to symptoms in another organ system, much like stress which is governed by the adrenals may cause weight gain governed predominantly by the pancreas
  • Which sample – should you test in saliva or blood
  • Tips and tricks on how to collect samples
  • Essential physiology and anatomy
  • What can go wrong in that organ system
  • What are the symptoms associated with imbalance
  • Which markers will identify imbalance
  • Interpretation of the results and correlations to patient’s clinical picture. For example, a low progesterone now only affects hormonal systems but also impacts on a relaxing neurotransmitters called GABA
  • How to treat the biochemical imbalance with natural medicine, be it herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids; conventional medicine or custom tailored compounded medicine
  • Personal guide and mentor your case studies offering you in-depth understanding and guidance to treat you patient, further investigate underlying causes of ill-health and provide ongoing clinical support

Expertise in education and mentoring to health practitioners are tailored to suit specific professions. For example, a pharmacist would be keen to upskill on nutritional and compounding medicine whereas a nutritionist would be likely to focus on GUT health and food allergies.

Integrative Medicine for Health practitioners is an interactive educational experience with structured module training that includes hands on clinical training and web broadcasts, that will teach you the knowledge and skills you need to effectively practice integrative and functional medicine. This training is based on the latest findings in areas of endocrinology, cardiology, neurology, cancer therapies, nutrition and much more. Training is designed for practical and progressive learning from a variety of disciplines.

Our Approach

Opportunities available to upskill in Integrative medicine can take many forms. Custom tailored education programmes are available for those health practitioner who are serious to:

  • Enhance health professional expertise
  • Heal patients
  • Work with other health practitioners to optimal health outcomes
  • Improve your income
  • Clinical and professional satisfaction

In a nutshell, we offer:

  • Education in integrative medicine, functional pathology and nutritional medicine
  • Mentor programmes to guide you to professional excellence
  • Functional Pathology, lab tests, interpretation
  • Clinical application
  • Treatments – Conventional and naturopathic
  • Compounding pharmacy
  • Nutraceutical interventions
  • Ongoing clinical and mentor support
  • In many formats – audio, video, webinar, seminar, conferences, chat rooms, one-on-one communication

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