Healthy Skin from the Inside Out


Alchemy of Health Webinar Series – Healthy Skin from the Inside Out

A radiant healthy skin starts from the inside out. Mastering the optimal use of therapeutic herbs, essential natural extracts and sound scientific technology will bring the Alchemy of the skin to healthy excellence.

Why is it Important?

Alchemy of the skin designed for simplicity and effectiveness. Catering for all skin types, our boutique range of skin care is expanding with innovative technologies, ingredients designed specifically to improve, heal and rejuvenate at a cellular level. We therefore employ stem cells, powerful growth factor ingredients to support collagen, elasticity and regeneration of skin.

I will introduce age old botanical wisdom of Ayurveda and modern herbal botanical and dermaceutical innovations for today’s personal care needs.

Healthy skin starts from the gut which is the seat of the gut-skin axis. If you have an unhealthy gut, it can have a massive impact on our overall health and especially the appearance of your skin, including spots, inflammation, eczema and rosacea. After all, the skin is the largest elimination channel. The gut microbiome is the bacteria found in your intestines that influences your overall health, especially the skin.

Optimisation of the diet and gut microbiome correlates with great skin. Many skin conditions have been linked to gastrointestinal inflammation, including rosacea, psoriasis, and acne. Skin conditions are also associated with auto-immune conditions like as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and celiac disease.

Learning Outcomes:

In this webinar, you will learn:

➡ Skin dynamics

➡ Oral and topical essentials for healthy skin

➡ Innovative cosmeceutical ingredients in skincare

➡ Deciphering therapeutic and cosmetic applications

➡ Optimizing the gut-skin axis

This offering provides CPD continuing professional development credits for CMA and ATMS

Vanita Dahia
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