Interpretation of Test Results

Learn how to read your lab test results with consideration of the specimen source, specimen collection, and interpretation of each of the analytes.

Understanding your test result

Test results are often interpreted in relation to a reference range provided by the laboratory that performs the test.

Making Informed Medical Decisions

More than 60% of all medical decisions are made based on lab testing results. It is important to make informed decisions for healthy outcomes through patient centered care.

DIY Testing

Consumers now have the power to order a test and use the plethora of health information through various media to self-diagnosis either inappropriately causing self-damage or to educate their health provider. Often chronically ill patients have much time to study and research their ill-health. Misappropriation of information can take away the patient centred focus to healing by a professional.
Lab testing is a reliable method of offering important information about health status that may assist to diagnose, treat or monitor a patient.

The Universe of Genetic Testing

Functional pathology has advanced and incorporates genetic testing identifying the gene make up which has the potential to revolutionize predictive health outcomes, diagnose, and treat effectively.

Interpretation of Test Results for Patients

Not sure what you test results mean?
Get an interpretation of your test results in an audio recording which you can share with your health care provider.

What you will Get

  • a detailed description of all your analytes in the test result
  • an interpretation of your test results and how it relates to your physiology
  • applicable to one test only. Please contact us if you wish to have more than one test results interpreted

As a standalone service, you will get an interpretation of your test results without consideration of your health status, medical history, and medication regimes.
A comprehensive consultation is available to interpret your test results with consideration of all aspects of your medical history and health status.

Interpretation of Test Results for Practitioners

a comprehensive interpretation of test results with consideration of relevant patient history. Troubleshooting and discussion of test results with the aim to mental and guide the practitioner to achieve optimum treatment outcomes. Multiple tests for one patient will be interpreted simultaneously.

Help me Understand my Test Results