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Conventional laboratory testing often performed by your doctor may not be detailed enough. To uncover the functional biochemical imbalances in the body, you may consider more in-depth functional pathology testing.

Key Functional Lab Tests for Health Conditions

Testing for PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids and Complex Female Hormone Conditions
Testing for Allergy, Intolerances, Sensitivity
Testing for Cancer
Testing for Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Disease
Testing for Coeliac and Gluten Sensitivity
Testing for Diabetes
Testing for Energy and Mitochondrial Function
Testing for Estrogen and its Metabolites
Testing for Essential Fatty Acids
Testing for Female Fertility, Amenorrhea, Menorrhagia
Testing for Female Hormones
Testing for Heavy Metal Toxicity
Testing for Immune Function
Testing for Insomnia, Sleep Disturbances
Testing for Male Hormones
Testing for Mental Health
Testing for Methylation
Testing for Moulds and Biotoxins
Testing for Osteoporosis, Bone Density
Testing for Stress and Adrenal Fatigue
Testing for Thyroid
Testing for Tick Borne Disease, Lyme
Testing for Toxicity and Toxic Pollutants
Testing for Vitamins

Lab Tests for Health Conditions

Lab tests available are listed for each health condition. Functional laboratory tests are constantly updated and refined to meet assessment needs. Note that the analytes or testing may be updated periodically. Lab Tests listed under each condition is a guide and should be considered with guidance of your health care professional. Assessments of health conditions requires expertise of your health care professioanl, lab testing, genetics, and specialised screening.

Discover which tests are available for your health condition.