Alchemy of the Mind

Alchemy of the Mind offers an engaging and informative look into your thoughts, emotions, feelings and memory. Whether you suffer from stress, anxiety, depression or addictions, one pill may not be the solution.

Change your brain with simple nutritional supplementation using self-help tools in this book and manage your mind naturally.

Vanita reveals how to achieve happiness through balance of chemicals that connects the brain with the gut, stress, cravings, addictions, and libido.

Your biology is in your biochemistry. Testing of brain chemistry with functional pathology maps out a pathway to a targeted natural support for the nervous system.

Alchemy of the Mind explains:

  • The play of brain chemistries in mood, stress, anxiety and depression.
  • How neurotransmitters, diet and nutrient depletions affect the gut, adrenal fatigue, thyroid and mental health.
  • How toxic exposure, genetics and environmental pollutants impact on mood.
  • How to assess, interpret and manage neurotransmitters naturally with self-assessment questionnaires and functional pathology lab testing.

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Alchemy of Amino Acids

Alchemy of Amino Acids Book 3D

Amino acids are essential to life. They are central to virtually every function of the human body.

All body tissues – every muscle, hair, nail, enzyme, and brain cell – is made of amino acids.

They are the precursors to happy and sad brain chemicals or neurotransmitters.

The pool of amino acids is highly dynamic, changing moment by moment by shifting the flow of metabolic pathways in response to multiple physiological signals. The benefits of taking amino-acids to improve your health can hardly be overstated. 

They are central to the bio-chemistry of your body. They play a major role in nearly every chemical process that affects both physical and mental function.

Ensuring a balanced and optimal intake of amino acids becomes critical for prevention as well as treatment of many chronic illnesses.

Discover the therapeutic potential of amino acids from improving libido, relieving pain, stimulating weight loss, slowing ageing, easing pain, balancing mental health, and optimising gut function to boost energy.

Alchemy of Amino Acids explains:

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Pain Pain Go Away eBook

Pain Pain Go Away by Vanita Dahia

Pain Pain Go Away

Persistent Pain Plagues our Population

One in five Australians are reported to be living with chronic pain. Despite causing suffering, pain is a critical component of the body’s defence system.

Effective pain management combines medication, physical therapy, and mind-body techniques to address both the physical and psychological aspects of pain.

Be it physical or emotional is nature, it is part of a rapid warning relay instructing the motor neurons of the central nervous system to minimise detected physical harm.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Types of pain
  • Measuring pain
  • Devices used for pain management
  • Pharmaceutical and natural pain management therapies
  • Innovative integrative therapies and targeted compounded pain therapy


Book of Inspiration for Women by Women

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Ready to Inspire Women Everywhere!

Vanita is of of 365 co-authors who have contributed to “The Book of inspiration for Women by Women” the brainchild of Ruth Cyster-Stuettgen, successful author, speaker and coach. As a woman who has faced the extreme challenge of leaving an abusive relationship in her own life, Ruth knows that women are capable of overcoming almost anything.

“What I wished for most of all in that time was someone who could hold my hand and support me, showing me that everything was in flow. I wanted someone who had my back while I changed so dramatically, always encouraging me forward with grace.”

As Ruth found her inspiration, through friends, coaches and mentors, she realised the need for women everywhere to share their stories and be inspired in turn.

By bringing together hundreds of women across the world, Ruth opens the way for genuine, beautiful stories and poems of hope from everyday, extraordinary women, just like her.

In the spirit of Ruth’s successful book, From Misery to Mastery, you hold in your hands the new chapter, where you and we combine to create an inspiring year long journey of discovery and hope.

We, the Women of Inspiration, hope you learn, laugh and are inspired here, every day.

Vanita has co-authored in one of the book series entitled Health Conscious, with each book in the series intending to explore a different aspect of health – from the obvious physical and psychological standpoints, to an exploration of cultural and environmental contributors and their impact on our everyday lives.

Healthy Body is the second book – an anthology limited to twelve non-competing professionals, each using their specific expertise to approach the challenge of creating and maintaining a healthy body. 

Foreword written by Carol Cooke AM, a multiple sclerosis sufferer, has gone on to embrace the changes in her life and take on new challenges that people half her age wouldn’t even want to try. She’s gone on to win Paralympic gold and become a world champion.

Contributors include:

Vanita Dahia, Jonathan Chang, Megan Wright, Anthony Kilner, Mary Jo Mc Veigh, Nikki Ellis, Julie Seamer, Deb Harrison, Kylie Hennessy, Blaise van Hecke

Secure your free chapter download of Healthy Body – The Alchemy of Optimal Health by Vanita Dahia

About the Author

Vanita Dahia

I was inspired to write Alchemy of the Mind and Alchemy of Amino Acid books when I was repeatedly exposed to people who were not happy with their antidepressant medication.

One time, I had given a client a specific amino acid for her anxiety and her response was immediately profound. It was at this moment, that I took a deep dive study on amino acids and neurotransmitters. My interest in the biochemical nature of neurotransmission pathways, functional pathology, the power of nutrients, amino acid, methylation cofactors and nutrients had initiated the need to share what I had learned.

I explain the underlying drivers of mental health and brain chemical imbalances. The power of nutrients and amino acid plays a very important role in all of the physiology physiology including mental health.

As a board-certified fellow in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, my mantra became ‘your biography is in your biology’. Integrative medicine is a science of blending conventional with complementary medicines using validated assessment tools and evidence-based targeted treatment approaches. It incorporates optimising diet, lifestyle and exercise interventions with a holistic approach.

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