How Healthy is Your Vagina?

How Healthy is Your Vagina?

How Healthy is Your Vagina?

by Vanita Dahia

The health of your vagina affects much more than your sex life.

Vaginal health is an important part of a woman\’s overall health as it can affect your fertility, desire for sex and ability to reach orgasm.

Ongoing vaginal health issues can affect your confidence and cause stress in a relationship. We know about the gut microbiome but did you know the vaginal microbiome is equally important?

The vaginal microbiome is an intricate and dynamic microecosystem that constantly undergoes fluctuations during the female menstrual cycle and the woman\’s entire life.

In females, one of the main microbiota sites is the genital tract that hosts over 200 bacterial species. Unlike other microbiota sites, the vagina is extremely dynamic and is affected by numerous host factors including age, ethnic background, sexual intercourse, changes in hormone levels during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause, genital infections and personal hygiene.

Who gets Vaginal infections?

The prevalence of vaginal dysbiosis in women is at a rate of over 33%.  Vaginal infections are common in Indigenous Australian women, and in excess of 50% in sub-Saharan African and African American women. 

Did you know that about 50% are asymptomatic ( have no symptoms)?

  • Vaginal infections are common in women in their reproductive years  who are sexually active at any age. 
  • Bacterial vaginosis often coexists with STI’s and trichomoniasis. 
  • Association between BV and PID following IUD use or termination of pregnancy
  • Women who have sex with women (WSW) have consistently demonstrated higher BV prevalence rates than exclusive heterosexually active women
  • Studies of female-female monogamous couples demonstrate extremely high concordance for BV (73–95%)

What does it feel like to have a vaginal dysbiosis?

  1. Clear or slightly cloudy vaginal discharge allows it to clean itself
  2. Does not need to smell or make you itch
  3. Vary during a menstrual cycle
  4. Pay attention when there is:

•Noticeable discharge – change in colour, heaviness, odour

•Burn, itch, noticeable odour

•Irritation at night, or during sex

•Pain around or outside vagina

•Burns when urinating

•Sex is uncomfortable

Educational Webinar

How Healthy is Your Vagina?

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is a health vaginal microbiome?
  • Types of vaginal infections
  • 7 smells of the vagina
  • Advanced assessment of the vaginal microbiome
  • Management option of vaginal infections

Testing for Vaginal Microbiome

Testing for Vaginal Microbiome

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